What makes James Kyson feel like a kid again?

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Rick Yaeger: Hello everyone and welcome. This is One Question Interviews. I’m your host Rick Yaeger. Today, I have the honor of welcoming an actual friend of mine, who you know to the show. His name is James Kyson. You know him as Ando from “Heroes.”

He is just an inspiration to me. You think he’s just Ando from Heroes, but you don’t know. Just watch this interview. Check it out and thank me later.

Let’s do this.

I’d like to welcome my guest today. You may know him as Ando Masahashi on Heroes. He’s also lent his voice to movies like “Despicable Me,” and shows like “Adventure Time with Finn and Jake.”

Ladies and gentleman, James Kyson.

Welcome, my friend. Tell the folks what you’ve been up to. You’ve been adventuring.

James Kyson: The past six months have been pretty busy. I did a string of feature films, about five of them. I was learning something new each month for different projects.

I did a race car driving movie called, “Born to Race 2.” I think now it’s called, “Born to Race: The Fast Track.” I’ve always wanted to learn race car driving. This was on my bucket list for a long time. It was fun.

They actually put us up in Lancaster. We went to a race track called Willow Springs. We got to learn and we had to study how to be a driver. It actually takes a lot of engineering and math. Not about driving fast.

I gained a new respect for the craft of race car driving. You have to really learn the angles and the track. It’s all about how you go into a turn and how you come out of it and things like that. That was fascinating.

I played a police officer for a month, which was a lot of fun. We did ride alongs with the LA County Sheriff, fire arms training. Met up with a former LAPD officer. The movie is called “Criticized,” which is about, basically, a murder mystery thriller about a serial killer who was using movie reviews as part of his methods.

Rick: Interesting.

James: Yeah, with the special task force that’s trying to track him down. That was fun. I’ve played cops before, but this was the most in depth that I’ve had to do research. I watched a lot of shows that was on it.

There’s actually a reality show called “Rookies,” which followed the police force in Louisiana and Florida that gave me a lot of materials to work with.

Then this new pilot that I did called “Armed Response.” That’s my character. His name is Wise Guy. It’s about the Homeland Security SWAT Team. We had a do some military training for that. It was fun. We had to run around with semi-automatic weapons and feel like you were in the middle of the action.

Rick: Most people know you as Ando from Heroes but there’s something people don’t really know about you and that’s you’re a crazy person. You talk about your bucket list. My bucket list looks so unimaginative compared to what you’ve been doing for the last few months.

James: I am a little bit of an adrenaline junkie. Actually, I used to be afraid of heights, when I was growing up. Strangely, I’ve become attracted to it.

When I went to Australia, I did eight bungee jumps in one day. I actually did the highest bungee jump in the western hemisphere, in New Zealand. I think it was 735 feet or something like that.

Skydiving and I just got back from Thailand where we went to a bunch of islands down there. We did this thing called deep water solo where they take you on a ship to…They have these huge limestone cliffs in Thailand that’s what they are famous for. You have to jump out of the boat and swim up to the cliff. Then you’re basically free climbing, rock climbing without any harness or ropes. You just have climbing shoes.

There’s no rock climbing route. You’re literally just climbing back in the caveman days and figure out crevices and places to grab onto. You go up as high as you’re comfortable with. Then you have to cliff jump into the ocean.

I got up about 60 feet, which is about four stories or so, then I did my first back flip. I’ve never done a back flip before. One of our friends showed it to us then challenged us to do it. There was a lot of like, “Come on,” and I did it.

The first two times, I did a face-plant, but my third try, I did it off 60 feet and I got it perfectly. That was a highlight of it.

Rick: As you know, this show’s called One Question Interviews. This hasn’t been the interview yet. I have almost a thousand different questions, ranging from the profane to the profound. I’ll choose one at random. You’ll answer it, seriously or in a funny voice, and everyone goes home happy. I’m going to randomly choose your question.

James: Bring it to me!

Rick: Bring it to me! It is…

James: Lay it on me!

Rick: It is, “What are three things adults have needlessly given up because they have grown up?”

James: Three things that adults have needlessly given up because they’ve grown up. It’s interesting you ask that, because I’ve been thinking about this whole idea of growing up this year, and what it means to become a man and go from boyhood to manhood. I think being an adult doesn’t necessarily mean you have to give up fun. I think there’s a big difference childlike and being childish.

For me, I think, a sense of wonder is a thing that a lot of people give up when you get older. One of the things that are fascinating about children is that they find everything so wondrous and interesting.

When you go to a new place, or a new object, and even the simplest and sometimes what you think are the dumbest things — a color of a starfish, or how amazing this cupcake tastes, or a facial expression that you have made. I think the sense of wonder is something people give up. Playing board games, which I love.

Rick: I’m with you on that.

James: I was just in Georgia for Christmas, and we were with my friend Travis’s family. There, his parents go through a very big ordeal of setting up games for the family. I think, Christmas Eve, we played a series of seven different games, including Bingo and Pictionary.

She also recreated this television game from the 60s. I think it was kind of like “Fill in the Blank.” It was kind of like “Celebrity Mad Lib.” If the contestant’s answer matches one of the celebrities answer, they got a point.

Rick:Match Game.

James: Yeah, a different version of Match Game or something like that. I think there’s something about, when you play board games, this sense of fun that comes out of it that I think we rarely get to have and enjoy. That’s two.

Senseless dancing. I think as a kid, there were so many times where we would just move in an illogical way, when music would come on and people would just kind of like…I think as we get older, we get…

Rick: They don’t care who’s watching. They don’t care what…

James: Just doing stupid moves and having fun, and twiddling and making funny expressions. I think as we get older, we get more self-conscious. I think we care about judgment more than when we were a kid. That’s something we could all abide by. To fear judgment less, and to be free and who you are in how you express yourself.

We can always dance more, and move more, and breathe.

Rick: I totally agree. I think you nailed it, and I think you captured everything in really the first one. That sense of wonder is totally lost. You’re absolutely right about the sense of self-consciousness that adults take on. You show that in your life, just the way you live and react to different objects, and different sights and sounds you experience everywhere you go.

That’s your question. James Kyson, you’ve been part of a TV phenomenon. You’ve got your own action figure. You’re part of a touring celebrity basketball team. We didn’t even talk about. You’ve got freak climbing of the cliffs of Ko Phi Phi.

Crazy, I can’t thank you enough for being here. It’s been a great honor to have you on One Question Interviews. Hopefully, you can come back again.

You can catch James Kyson in “Plush,” later this year and in Armed Response, as you saw in the poster that’s an online series. Check out JamesKyson.com and you’ll get all the information on everything he’s up to. You can also follow him on Twitter.

All of these links are right here below our faces and will also be in our show notes for easy clicking at onequestioninterviews.com.

Everybody, this is Rick Yaeger for One Question Interviews. Thank you so much for watching. Check back next week. Bye-bye.

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