Will Omari Newton finally explain the Zipper Incident?

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Rick Yaeger: It’s another first here at “One Question Interviews.” Today we have the first show, with two guests. First we welcome back “Continuum’s” Luvia Petersen. Welcome.

Luvia Petersen: Woohoo! Thank you.

Rick: At the end of our interview a few weeks back, I gave you the opportunity to nominate someone to be a guest on this show. Your nominee is here today.

Luvia: Yes.

Rick: Would you introduce him please?

Luvia: Absolutely. When you asked me to invite someone to the show, I thought, “Who do I know that’s crazy and wacky, and not as good looking as I am?” Because I don’t like competition.

[laughs] Of course, Omari Newton came to mind.

Omari Newton: She first asked Roger Cross but he wasn’t available.

Luvia: Yeah.

Omari: He was on set somewhere, so I was her backup. So here we go.

Luvia: He plays Lucas on “Continuum.” Some of his other credits include “Black… Blue Mountain State.”

Omari: [laughs] Black Mountain State!

Luvia: Black Mountain State. Oh my God.


Luvia: “Blue Mountain State.”

Rick: He’s doing voice work on “Max Steel” right?

Luvia: Yeah. “Max Steel”

Omari: I am. Yes.

Rick: We’re doing a little Continuum thing here. You’re Lucas Ingram, the geeky brains of the Liber8 organization.

Omari: I would say it’s intellectual. I wouldn’t say geeky.

Rick: Nothing wrong with geeky, man.

Omari: I suppose you could call him a geek as well.

Rick: I’m sure he hangs out in a comic book shop every so often.

Omari: He probably does.

Rick: He probably does.

Omari: Yeah.

Rick: The last we saw of him he was in the Tony Amendola’s Ward of the mental hospital.

Omari: Yeah. I know.

Rick: [laughs]

Omari: He was seeing multiple Tony’s. If you’re going to be stuck with hallucinations, Tony Amendola is not a bad one. He’s a pretty interesting actor and an interesting guy.

Rick: You could do worse.

Luvia: I might pick Jeri Ryan, Angelina Jolie. But hey, if Tony Amendola’s your type, that’s cool too.


Omari: I was thinking about the art. I was thinking about the art. Although if Halle Berry was a multiple hallucination, that’s also not bad. And by Halle Berry, I mean my fiancé, Amy Lee Lavoie.

Rick: Very good!


Rick: On the last episode we heard you were being arranged, which could mean that you’re in a vase with some baby’s breathe. But at least we’ll know you’ll be back.

Omari: I could speak in detail about what happens to Lucas in season three, but I feel like Simon Barry and the “Continuum” brass would send people after me I think.


Rick: They are watching.

Luvia was kind enough to give us a synopsis of the show in general in our interview together. With the third season starting up now, could I get the two of you to tag team an update of where season two left us off?

Omari: Where season two left us off.

Rick: Yeah.

Omari: We were left in season two, Luvia, stop me if I’m either giving up spoilers or messing this up. Liber8 had pretty much been collected and captured by the freelancers.

Luvia: Yes.

Omari: Except for Lucas who was in the Tony Amendola Ward of the mental institution.

Luvia: That’s right.

Rick: Yes.

Omari: Travis had fallen down an elevator shaft.

Luvia: Yes.

Omari: Much like Kenny from “South Park,” he seems to end every season in various states of death.


Omari: Anything else?

Luvia: Yeah. We’re all stuck in some sort of holding cells.

Omari: Right.

Luvia: You see Jeworski, you see Travis, myself.

Omari: Terry Chen.

Luvia: Terry Chen. Right across from me is Stephen Lobo, Kellogg’s character. Behind me is Sonya. Right?

Omari: Yes. I love how at this point we just see the characters as the actors. We’re like, “Uh, Stephen Lobo is the [laughs.] ”

Luvia: Yeah, it’s hard for me to see them as…because I know them as people now.

Omari: I know. I know.

Rick: As far as Kiera goes, she’s in there too?

Luvia: Yep, she’s right next to me.

Rick: And meanwhile, back at Vancouver police headquarters, people have switched sides.

Omari: Or have they?

Rick: Or have they? It’s hard to know who’s the good guy, who’s the bad guy? It changes as information comes out which is what’s so cool about the show.

Luvia: I love seeing the reasons why the characters got to where they are. As those layers are lifted up, you get this whole new perspective.

Omari: Mm-hmm.

Luvia: I think it’s telling to life. You should never judge other people because you never know what the source is. You never know their reason for taking the actions that they take.

Omari: Totally.

Luvia: So there’s a lesson in that.

Omari: One of my favorite reveals about Lucas came in season one, where we had that flashback and you saw him at Sadtech running experiments on Jaworski.

Luvia: Yeah.

Omari: I hope that the writers reveal more explaining that relationship. To me it’s crazy that Lucas was a member of the enemy and he was running experiments on somebody who eventually became a teammate. I’m like, “That would cause for some awkward group dynamics, I would imagine.”

Rick: Remember that time when we were in the lab…

Omari: And I was controlling you, and you and especially somebody like Jaworski, who is a homicidal maniac. I would imagine he wouldn’t forget about that and move on.

Rick: He’d have that nagging question of, “OK, I understand the experiments, but why did I always have to be naked?”

Omari: Right, to which Lucas would reply, “You know why. We don’t need to talk about it again, we talked about it then.”

Luvia: Awesome.

Rick: Even at the last episode, the last shot of him, he’s up there, naked again!

Omari: First of all, if I was ripped like Mike Dopud, I would want to be naked as much as possible, as well. He shouldn’t complain about that.

Rick: When Luvia nominated you, it went out on Twitter a bit, and…

Luvia: [laughs]

Rick: …There was a story that came up, at least a legend. All I know is, it’s called The Zipper Story.

Omari: Yes. I was probably…I was either in my senior year of high school or it was early college. I remember, for some inexplicable reason, I decided to go commando. I was all getting ready to go out, I was not paying attention. Music’s playing, tucking the shirt in, pulling the pants up, I pulled the zip and just got the tip of…

Rick: [laughs]

Omari: …How can I say this politely? The tip of the bun. It wasn’t the sausage, but it was the sausage bun. This might be an over-share for all of our viewers.

Rick: [laughs]

Omari: Some people just have the sausage; some people have the sausage and the bun. I’ve still got the bun, and the bun tip snagged in the jaws of, yes…


Luvia: Oh my God.

Omari: I can confirm, that is the most shocking pain. Surprisingly painful.

Rick: Surprisingly? [laughs]

Omari: I recognized the comedy immediately, but I was like, “Oh my Lord, I wish this never happened.”

Rick: [laughs]

Luvia: Did you tell your buddies about that? Or was it kept secret until it was let out of the vault now? Is that something you talk about with your bros? Like, “Dude, I was doing up my zipper.”

Rick: [laughs]

Omari: I mean, when we’re not talking about our junk, what are we talking about? Let’s be honest, we sit around…no. I don’t care, personally. I talk about anything and everything, so I’m sure it did come up, but never on record. Here we go.

Luvia: Here it is.

Omari: You’re welcome.

Rick: [laughs] I’m going to have nightmares. Thank you.

Luvia: There’s a lesson in there.

Omari: Don’t go commando — that’s the lesson.

Rick: Don’t go commando and sorry mom, sorry. [laughs]

Omari: And have a briss, if you can, given the choice, you should…


Rick: Cut it out.

Omari: [laughs] We’re two minutes in and here we are.

Rick: We’re already there. Speaking of nightmares, I had one last night and you both were in it. Luvia, you were driving some kind of old van, and Omari, you were in a Blind Melon bumblebee costume.


Rick: There were Nirvana cheerleaders jumping around.

Omari: Sounds like a wild nightmare.

Rick: Can you interpret that dream for me?

Omari: We had a collective dream, I think. Luvia and I took part in a music video for her awesome girlfriend’s band, called “Dating Myself”, which is a ’90s grunge throwback project. They’re all friends of ours and they asked us if we would appear in their video. Luvia directed the video.

Luvia: I did. I remember, we were coming up with throwback ideas. The Alanis thing, the cheerleaders, and then the bumblebee thing came up. We were like, “Who could we get to do the bumblebee?” Of course, right away we thought of Omari.

Rick: [laughs]

Luvia: To my surprise, he said yes. Actually, I’ll also say for the record, he was very excited to wear the tutu.


Luvia: The tights, and his own yellow t-shirt. I was like, “No man, you can wear black jeans.” He was like, “No, I’ll wear tights.” I was like, “OK, OK.”

Rick: I got some.

Omari: That’s totally how it happened, that’s exactly…

Rick: [laughs]

Omari: It is funny. I have this joke with Luvia where, I don’t think either of us has ever said no to any crazy idea the other one has suggested. Every time I come to Luvia and I’m like, “We should do a podcast.” She’s like, “That sounds awesome.”

We did a spoken word thing together once on two days prep. It was a Prince cover show where you actually cover a Prince song and reinterpret it yourself, and I was assigned “Purple Rain.”

I was like, “This’ll be fun alone but would be really fun with Luvia,” so we just went and did this. She was beat-boxing and rapping, and I was rapping. We did this Purple Rain cover. But I could tell Luvia, “Let’s go jump off of a building”, and she’d be like, “Yeah. That sounds awesome!”

Luvia: It should.


Rick: Does YouTube have a video of that particular performance?

Omari: I have a video, and it’s funny, because this has come up before. Mike and Dave were asking about it.

Luvia: You keep saying you’re going to post it, and I haven’t seen it.

Omari: I’ll totally post it. I just haven’t. I’ll happily post it.

Rick: OK. If you post it, I will embed it in the show notes at onequestioninterviews.com. I’m also going to embed that Dating Myself “Amnesia.” I think that was the song.

Luvia: Yeah. That’s the song. The artists are Laura Lee Schultz who’s the lead singer and guitar, Jen Foster who’s on drums, and, of course, Jessie Robertson who’s on bass.

Omari: They’re also part of a really cool band called Low Spin — several of the members are part of an awesome band called Low Spin. Check them out as well.

Rick: Very good.

Luvia: Yeah. Good plug.

Rick: We’ll link that up. As you know, the show is called “One Question Interviews.” I have almost a 1,000 different questions ranging from the profane to the profound. I’ve grabbed a handful of them at random here, and I’ll choose one at random.

You’ll answer it seriously or in a funny voice if you like and everyone goes home happy. OK? Sound cool?

Omari: Yeah.

Rick: I’m just going to riffle down the side. You just say “stop” any old time.

Omari: Stop.

Rick: OK. Do you want the top or the bottom?

Omari: Bottom. Wait that sounds [laughs] .

Rick: [laughs]

Luvia: I know. When I answered him, I was like, “Hee, hee, hee.”

Rick: [laughs]

Omari: I know. That was a trick anyway.

Luvia: That’s a tell. You’re not circumcised, and you’re a bottom.


Luvia: Thank you.

Omari: It’s 2014. Live your life.

Rick: I was going to say “Boxers or briefs?”, but we already answered that question, too.


Rick: Commando. Omari Newton, what word or phrase would you remove from the popular lexicon if you could?

Omari: What word or phrase?

Rick: Yeah.

Omari: I would remove the word twerk.

Rick: [laughs]

Omari: I’ve had enough. My capacity to endure talk of twerking especially regards to Miley Cyrus is maxed out. If I never hear twerk again, it’ll be awesome enough.

Rick: It’s in our show notes now. [laughs] While we’re doing notes on things we’ve mentioned, the “Visible Minority” podcast. We should talk about what that is and let people check it out.

Omari: Sweet. Luvia and I do a podcast called The Visible Minority Report. We try to define it as “Inside the Actors’ Studio” mixed with maybe an NPR show, but it’s also funny and kind of irreverent.

We interview usually three of a minority group, so it’s called The Visible Minority Report. Of course, we talked about this in the first episode. Luvia’s not a visible minority.

Luvia: A minority in disguise.

Rick: [laughs]

Omari: She’s a disguised minority.

Luvia: Until you ask me what kind of music I like, and I say Melissa Ethridge, you don’t know.

Omari: You don’t know. You have no idea.

Rick: Where can they check that out?

Luvia: VisibleMinorityReport.com.

Omari: We’re on iTunes — all on iTunes.

Rick: Thank you both for being here for the first “Two Guests, One Question Interview”. Check out Omari Newton and Luvia Petersen on Continuum. Seasons one and two are all on Netflix and iTunes. Season Three should be out by the time this airs, so check your PVR for time and channel. It’s on Showcase here in Canada and Sci-Fi in the US.

Luvia: Mm-hmm.

Omari: Can I shamelessly plug Luvia for a second?

Rick: Sure.

Omari: Luvia is now Canadian Screen Award-nominated actress for her work on Continuum.

Luvia: Thank you.

Rick: Goodness me. Congratulations.

Luvia: When this airs, we’ll know because the awards are March 5th.

Rick: Very cool. Fingers crossed, and back to Continuum. If you can’t find it on Showcase or Sci-Fi wherever you are, if you have iTunes you can check it out there and grab a season pass. Buy the episodes as they come out.

Follow Omari on Twitter, @OmariAkilNewton, and keep following Luvia on Twitter, @Luvia_Petersen, with three E’s and no O’s [laughs] . We talked about this off the air, whatever you want to call that.

Neither one of you guys are verified on Twitter, but one of the things we can do right now is you’re here, I’m here, we’re on video. We just agreed to what your Twitter handles are, so I now pronounce you verified by video.

Luvia: Ooh.

Omari: Oh. Is that how it works?

Rick: That’s how it works here. [laughs]

Luvia: Cool! [inaudible 16:09] for a video.

Omari: OK. Now you know these are real. This is it. I expect my blue check immediately. As soon as I walk off, I expect a blue check on my Twitter handle.

Luvia: Ching.

Rick: I’ll mail it to you. [laughs]

Omari: Good. Thank you.

Rick: You can just stick it right to your computer screen, and it’ll be great.

Omari: Awesome.


Rick: OK. Links to all the stuff we’ve talked about that has appeared in the lower thirds are all available at onequestioninterviews.com, where I’ll have a transcript of this interview along with many others for you to check out. Everybody, this is Rick Yaeger for One Question Interviews.

Thank you so much for watching. Subscribe to the show in the iTunes podcast directory so you don’t miss out on the next episode. Bye-bye.

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Mike April 3, 2014, 10:33 am

Omari, thanks for remembering that Dave and I are still waiting for that Purple Rain video! 🙂

Rick April 3, 2014, 2:44 pm

Yes, Omari. Post it or it never happened.

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