Why does Abbie Cobb seem to always play mean girls?

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Rick Yaeger: OK. Hey everyone. It’s Rick Yaeger here with One Question Interviews. The show where I ask famous people curious questions. My guest today is Abbie Cobb, who you’ve seen in Suburgatory, The Secret Life of the American Teenager and 90210.

Welcome to the show Abbie. Thank you so much for being on here.

Abbie Cobb: Hey. Thanks. Yeah. It’s good to be here.

Playing mean girls

Rick: So, tell people what you’ve been up to. I’ve mentioned a few credits, but you’ve moved on since those days.

Abbie: Yeah. Sure. I do a lot of Suburgatory. I play one of Dahlias’ little friends. A little member of the KKK: Kaitland, Kenzie and Kimantha. I’m Kimantha, which is probably the best name in the history of television.

Let’s just be honest. When I’m not doing that, I do guest spots on other shows, like, Chupla, and American Horror Story, Grey’s Anatomy. I did a little stint on 90210 as the crazy cousin, Emily.

I was also a really mean girl on, Secret Life of The American Teenager, named Francine. I’m always a mean crazy one.

Rick: I was going to ask you.

Abbie: I don’t know.

Rick: Is it you or is it your agent or is it Hollywood? How is this happening?

Abbie: It’s just a tough question. I think it’s the sweet on the outside, evil on the inside thing that they love. I love to play it, but I don’t think I’m a stalker in real life. I don’t know. Maybe I swing that way. I don’t know. It’s so fun.

Rick: To be a real evil person, you have to fool enough people into thinking you’re not. Right?

Abbie: Well maybe I just say the lines with such conviction. I don’t know, but I do know that it’s a lot of fun.

Moms’ Night Out

Aside from that, let’s see what else. The biggest thing probably, Mom’s Night Out is a Sony comedy in theaters right now. Just released.

I play a young single mom in that. I think I play 19. My baby daddy is Harry Shum, Jr. from Glee. Super fun. It’s got Patricia Heaton and Sean Astin from Lord of The Rings and Trace Adkins, the big country star in it.

It’s just a whole really fun ensemble. Sarah Drew from Grey’s Anatomy. I’ve been comparing it too a Father of The Bride or Adventures in Babysitting. Kind of, everything goes wrong in one night.

It’s a super fun adventure. A bunch of moms go out and disaster happens. It’s really fun. I’m so excited about it.

Rick: I’m going to embed the trailer for it. If people go to onequestioninterviews.com, the trailer will be embedded in the page for this interview. You tazed Patricia Heaton. You don’t, but…

[laughter] .

Abbie: Yeah. That was so much fun. Patricia is amazing and I’ve never seen a tazer in real life before and I’ve never known how it works. We filmed that in a jail.

It was a working jail. Someone got arrested while we were filming. They’re like, cut, cut, cut. And so we’re all waiting and Patty’s there, and Sarah and I. We’re all standing around and they were like wait, hold on.

They lead this guy in and he’s getting fingerprinted and he looks over and he’s like, “That’s Patricia Heaton”.


Abbie: So can you imagine getting arrested and you’re about to have your picture taken and you look over and there’s Sean Astin.

Rick: What did he do?

Abbie: There’s he’s just sitting there next to you while you’re being booked. That’s hilarious. That was fun.

Stuck on a Ferris Wheel

Rick: Very good. I mentioned your agent and studios and all that kind of thing. It brings up one of the things I found most interesting about your bio is that you’ve got a book. Called Stuck On A Ferris Wheel.

And there’s also quite a few bootlegged videos of you at speaking engagements, talking about how the casting process works. Tell people a bit about the book.

Abbie: Sure. Yeah. It’s called, Stuck On A Ferris Wheel: An Actors Guide To Enjoying The Ride While Keeping Your Feet On The Ground. Which is the longest title of history of titles.

But basically when I moved out to L.A. and I tried to get started, I didn’t have anyone to ask advise of. I was trying to find some kind of mentor or person I could go to. I just made so many stupid mistakes, because I didn’t know what I didn’t know.

If that makes sense? I didn’t know how my headshot should be attached to my resume, I didn’t know how to get an agent. I didn’t know if I should be in workshops.

A big component of the book is actually kind of a moral based idea. Do you have to compromise what you believe in, in order to be successful? If I don’t want do nudity or I don’t want to lie about my age or I don’t want to say certain words or whatever, do I have to in an audition? How do you say no delicately? Is it worth it to say no?

There’s nothing out there like that, so I just wrote it myself because I wanted to know. I wanted to share what I found out the hard way, or share what I found out the right way by asking advise of others.

I felt like through the workshops I teach, or the people that I meet with, one-on-one, there is a need for that. I just started collecting different questions that I had or answers I would give. Then turned it into a book, which you can get on my website, abbiecobb.com.

Rick: Abbiecobb.com and you could also get it on Amazon.

Abbie: If you get it on my website, I send you a picture and a note or whatever. You can get it on Amazon too if you want.

Rick: Go to abbiecobb.com. Forget about Amazon.


Abbie: No. I’m more than happy to help other people who are curious about the business or who want to know how you can pursue it from your city. Even if you don’t live in L.A., how you could audition for things from your house. I would have loved to do that from Nebraska, where I lived before L.A., but I just didn’t know how.

Rick: OK. Is there a chapter in there on how to start an Internet talk show?

[station break music]

The Interview

Rick: As you know the show is called, One Question Interviews. I have almost a thousand different questions ranging from the profane to the profound. I will choose one at random. You’ll answer it seriously or in a funny voice if you like and every one goes home happy. Cool?

Abbie: OK.

Rick: OK. So I’ve grabbed a handful. Here. And I will just scroll my finger down the side. You tell me when to stop.

Abbie: OK. Stop.

Rick: OK. Now would you like this one or this one?

Abbie: The top one.

Rick: The top? This one.

Abbie: Yeah.

Rick: OK. We’ll take the one off the bottom and it is, Abbie Cobb,what makes you feel stupid?

Abbie: [laughs hysterically] So many things. Forgetting lines when I’ve had plenty of time to memorize them and I just for some reason can’t remember them. When it’s green and I don’t go at a green light and then the person behinds me honks because I’m not paying attention. If someone says the name of a country and I think it’s a person that I never heard of before.

Rick: That’s not such a strange thing in this day and age though.

Abbie: Wouldn’t you feel stupid if they’re talking about, I don’t know, Bratislava, Slavakia, and I’m like, oh yeah, I saw that.

Rick: Oh. OK. You’re claiming you witness something you didn’t.

Abbie: Right. Or you’re just nodding and you’re like, that must be a famous singer and they’re talking about some war that’s going. I feel ugh. Usually I try to coast through and pretend most of the time and then I get caught occasionally. If I’m smiling and it’s actually a horrifying story they’re telling. Oh, yeah. Uh-hm.

Rick: Yeah. Not so good.

Abbie: Oh. OK. That makes me feel stupid.


Abbie: Am I the only one? I can’t be the only one. I’m not the only one. Right?

Rick: Well I mean that’s a very specific thing. But just the act of not knowing really how to react to what someone’s telling you. They’re talking to you as if you should know this. And I’m not quite sure. I’m not sure if I heard everything you said, because that didn’t make sense to me.

Abbie: Right. And then there’s a certain point where you realize that, should I just keep smiling and nodding. Or do you think they know that I don’t know what they said? And then, it’s wait do I ask them now? Am I going to tell them that, I’m sorry I really have no idea what you’re talking about?

Rick: What about when you forget your lines though? You have memorized those lines.

Abbie: Sometimes. You know what I did once? Can I tell you this? Do you remember the show, 7th Heaven?

Rick: Oh, Yeah.

Abbie: I loved that show when I was little. I went to a commercial audition. They paired up mothers and daughters. Teenage daughters and the mom. Blond with blond, redhead with redhead. I got paired with the mom from 7th Heaven and I looked at her and I was like, Ah! You’re the, ah. I couldn’t… I worked with so many people that have been on so many things.

But her, man I could not get my words together. It was a commercial for heart medication. It had lot of difficult, like platelets and clots and the names of blood vessels and heart conditions.

So we got in there. She had a line and I had a line. She had a line and I had a line. And she would say her line and I was like, ah, what, ah. [laughs hysterically] And I couldn’t remember how to get my lines. That was so embarrassing. She was just like, pull it together. I couldn’t pull it together because I loved her so much.

Rick: You got star struck.

Abbie: I did. Yeah. It’s happened twice. That time. It’s always the most random people. Her, and then Jeff Probst from Survivor. I’m such a huge Survivor fan. I had an audition where he was the producer. I didn’t think he would be in the room when I walked in.

He was in the room and I just got lost in his dimples and blue eyes. I just-it was awful. I kept trying to make jokes and they were not funny. Then I started the scene and I would check in with him to see how I was doing.


Abbie: It was so embarrassing. Then I Tweeted out about how I peed my pants because I was so excited that he was in the room. I think he saw it and I think he believed that I actually peed my pants

Rick: [says in unison] actually peed your pants. [laughing]

Abbie: So that’s my other story. It’s so random. 7th Heaven mom and Jeff Probst. Those are my two. But I can handle any body else.

Rick: So far.

Abbie: Which is weird. So far. Yeah right. Check in with me in a week and we’ll see what stupid thing I did then. Learn from my mistake and pass it on to others and don’t do what I did folks.

Rick : Don’t do that.

Abbie: Learn this lesson from me.

Rick: Don’t feel stupid.

Abbie: Don’t feel stupid. Don’t hate yourself.

Rick: Just take a deep breath and you’ll remember where you saw that woman from 7th Heaven.

Abbie: No. I love my job. I love what I do. It’s fun. It’s fine. Those stories are few and far between. I learn from them when they happen.

Rick: That’s good. That’s good. Well that was-Well I was going to say, painless, but I guess it had some tiny bit of pain in it.

Abbie: [laughing] Thank you. Oh my God [laughing] and I felt so bad about myself. No. This is great. Yeah.

Rick: Well OK. As long as you feel good about yourself now.

Abbie: That’s great. That’s good.

Rick: Well, thank you so much for being on the show. Sorry this was so cathartic. [laughs]

Abbie: No. I’m happy. I’m a better, stronger person.

Rick: Good.

Abbie: No. It’s so fun. Thanks for having me.

Check out Abbie Cobb…

Rick: And everybody, I want you to check out Abbie Cobb in Mom’s Night Out. It opened May 9th. That is correct. Follow her on Twitter so you can find out the next time she pees her pants.


Rick: @thelovely…

Abbie: I just helped everyone.

Rick: It’s @thelovelyabs, correct?

Abbie: Yep. @thelovelyabs. Yep.

Rick: So you are not verified and as I’ve done so many times before on this show, I will now pronounce you verified by video because that’s really you and that’s really-say it again. What’s you’re Twitter handle?

Abbie: Thelovelyabbs.

Rick: There you go. So it’s her. If you’re wondering..

Abbie: It’s me. I’m real!

Rick: If you’re wondering, that’s her. You could also follow her on Facebook. facebook.com/abbiecobbfanpage. That’s a lot of links and it would be a lot easier if you just went to onequestioninterviews.com, where I’m going to have a transcript of this interview along with all the links to all…

Abbie: Good luck. I just talked and talked and talked. You’re going to have fun transcribing that.

Rick: I have a person. I have people. I’ll have a transcript of this interview along with all the links to all the cool stuff that we talked about. I’ll put the links in. I’ll have people do the transcribing.

Abbie: Great. That sounds good.

Rick: That’s it. This is Rick Yaeger for One Question Interviews. Thank you so much for watching and subscribe to the show in the iTunes podcast directory, so that you don’t miss out on the next episode. OK? Bye, bye everybody.

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