Which Once Upon A Time Dwarf does Jeffrey Kaiser think is “Charming”?

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Rick Yaeger: Hey everyone. This is Rick Yaeger here with “One Question Interviews,” the show where I ask famous people curious questions. I’ve talked to Grumpy, I’ve talked to Happy, and I even got Bashful to open up. Today I’m talking to “Once-Upon-A-Time’s” Dopey. In addition to being a part of Storybrooke’s Team Seven. He’s also been seen on “Eureka” and “Psyche”. Ladies and gentleman, Jeffrey Kaiser. Welcome to the show my friend.

Jeffrey Kaiser: Thank you for having me Rick.

Rick: Tell the folks what you’ve been up too.

Jeffrey: Well, I have been working on my own web series which is called “The East Van Show”. We’re going to be launched in June if everything goes accordingly. One of my best friends and voice actor, talented actress Becky Shrimpton and I are going to start our own podcast which will be hopefully beginning also in June.

Rick: OK.

Jeffrey: We’re still up in the air about what we’re going to call it, but the idea is that we have a cartoonist and then we have the fans sent in a cartoon drawing.

Based around a theme for the week, we have the two drawings and Becky and I pick one out of random and then we create the voice for that drawing. Then, we have them talk to each other.

Rick: OK. So it’s very interactive with the viewers.

Jeffrey: Yes. We’re up in the air what we’re going to call it. We might call it “Draw Live” or we might call it “Jabberwocky”, but spelt obviously not in a way that would incriminate us legally.

Rick: Yes.


Rick: Just to avoid the lawyers from Lewis Carroll and other places.

Jeffrey: Yes. Avoid Lewis Carroll move back from the dead.


Jeffrey: And also we’re still filming “Once Upon a Time” will be wrapped around April 4th. So that’s what going on in my world.

Rick: OK. So Once Upon a Time where, as we’re recording this in early March, we’re midway through season three. We’re days away from actually seeing what happened and well what happened is Rumpelstiltskin and Pan are dead, supposedly, maybe. What does dead mean anymore?

Jeffrey: It’s all relative.

Rick: Yeah. Well everyone is a relative on the show. So Storybrooke’s been destroyed presumably. They’ll put up some high density condos in that spot. Hook has come back, kind of like Doc Brown at the end of “Back to the Future”. He’s telling Emma that she has to go with him to save her parents. Have I summed this up?

Jeffrey: Yeah, that’s pretty much it. Yeah.

Rick: OK and the mid-season poster shows the Storybrooke road signs so obviously that’s coming back somehow.

Jeffrey: Mm-hmm.

Rick: At least the road sign is.


Jeffrey: At least that’s there.


Rick: And we’re being led down a golden ceramic path of sorts, a kind of yellow brick road you might say.

Jeffrey: Mmm. You might say.

Rick: You might say. What can you add or subtract, divide, multiply from that?

Jeffrey: Really cool. We’ve got some flying monkeys.

Rick: Oh yeah.

Jeffrey: As you can see, as you fans can see, because you just watched it.

Rick: Right. By the time this airs this gets published…

Jeffrey: By the time this gets published…

Rick: This is all in the past.

Jeffrey: You will see. The last episodes that we filmed, those have been the last episodes I was in. There were probably be more since we end this interview. It’s like really big cameras, grand scales, lots of fairy tale characters in the same scenes. It’s pretty cool. I’m really curious to see how it’s going to look on TV because it was really cool to be a part of. I’m sure all of our hard work, because we worked long 16 hour days and Ginny was legitimately pregnant so we shot in Stanley Park. It’s just going to be really cool and I think that the long hours and Ginny was a trouper. Oh my God, Ginny was a trouper. I think it’s going to pay off. It’s going to be really awesome.

Rick: So I’m still looking forward to the mid-season return but everyone watching this is looking forward to the next season.

Jeffrey: Yes.

Rick: I’m wondering what are you looking forward to in the next season?

Jeffrey: Oh gosh. I’m always in for more Team Seven.

Rick: Oh yeah.

Jeffrey: I really love going in to the Enchanted Forest. I love being in full prosthetics. I love having my swords. That’s the most fun I have on set is when I’ve got my sword. I’ve got my cross bow. I’ve got my pick axe. I’ve got my noses and ears and just completely enveloped in this world. That is what I am excited for.

Rick: Well I am going to get into something. I’ve done this before, but my audience has never seen it. It shows up on lost episode of One Question Interviews, so I’m going to try it with you.

Jeffrey: Sure.

Rick: It’s word association and it’s really name association, so just be careful. Don’t say anything about people you wouldn’t want them to find out about. [laughs]

Jeffrey: OK.

Rick: And it’s fitting the first name is Arenberg

Jeffrey: [laughs] . What. Charming.

Rick: OK. [laughs] . Well they can go back and see my interview with him and see he is charming.

Jeffrey: He is charming in like a, no, charming, charming. Yeah. I find Lee very charming.

Rick: Yeah it doesn’t need a qualifier. He’s very charming, yeah. OK and I have to say this properly because, well, there’s another name. Ginny.

Jeffrey: Ginny. Lovely.

Rick: And Jenny.

Jeffrey: Jenny.

Rick: As in Jennifer.

Jeffrey: Hard worker. Dedicated. Dedicated hard worker.

Rick: Next name, Josh.

Jeffrey: Awesome [laughs] . Awesome, fun. I hope that they can see my smile when I talk about them.

Rick: Yeah. They will.

Jeffrey: OK. Good. Yeah. Awesome and fun and just great. [laughs]

Rick: And Jared.

Jeffrey: Jared. He’s also fun but like in a, just a side note he and I, being Star Wars kids like to pretend to kill each other with light sabers, so that’s kind of fun.

Rick: Very good. Carlyle.

Jeffrey: Cool. Well, aside from him as an actor, approachable. Approachable and captivating.

Rick: OK. Parrilla.

Jeffrey: What’s a really good one for her? She’s just awesome too. I’m trying to think of other things that aren’t awesome but she’s so sweet. OK, sweet and warm.

Rick: OK. Exactly the opposite of her character.

Jeffrey: Oh yeah. I mean that’s why she’s amazing. That’s why she’s an amazing actress. She’s a complete opposite of, I mean that’s the testament to her skills as an actress or is that she is able to create this character that is obviously not her.

Rick: Right.

Jeffrey: That’s what, I mean usually a good actor should be able to do that and she does it…

Rick: You’d think.

Jeffrey: In spades.

Rick: Very good. I think we did that successfully. We’ll move on to the main part of the show, as you know the show is called One Question Interviews. I have almost a thousand different questions. I’ve grabbed a handful for you. They range from the profane to the profound. I’ll choose one at random and you’ll answer it seriously or in a funny voice if you like.

Jeffrey: OK.

Rick: And everyone goes home happy. Or dopey if you like. Sound good?

Jeffrey: Yes.

Rick: OK. Here’s the stack. I’m just going to riffle down, you tell me to stop.

Jeffrey: Stop!

Rick: Right there?

Jeffrey: Yes.

Rick: And this is not the question, but I will ask you do you want the top or the bottom?

Jeffrey: I’d like the bottom.

Rick: OK.


Rick: Jeffrey Kaiser. Your question is, “Who is your personal hero?”

Jeffrey: Oh.

Rick: I think that comes under the profound.

Jeffrey: That’s profound. OK, dad, mom, Mitchell, you’re all my personal heroes, so calm down, but my grandfather, Coleman Rottenburg, he is my personal hero.

Rick: What makes him your personal hero? I don’t want to cheat and ask you a second question but…

Jeffrey: …No, no, no, no…

Rick: …I need to know.

Jeffrey: That’s part of the question. My grandfather was an amazing man. My grandfather fought in World War 2. He was in the medic. He’s also a Jew. My grandfather would tell this story different. He’d want to talk about it for a long time obviously. It was hard to tell where he was at the time. It was either in somewhere in France or Germany. The borders have changed around because of the Germans.

He was stitching up a wounded soldier in a barn and the Germans drove a tank into the barn. They captured my grandfather and they took him to, this is also up for debate, it has changed with my grandfather and my great uncle, but he was taken to an internment camp. It was towards the end of the war. The Germans had fled the camp and the Russians were coming to liberate the camp. They weren’t going to liberate it.

They were going to use these American men as guardering, because I’m an American so he was American.

Rick: OK.

Jeffrey: He left or he said he left because he was tired of eating potato soup.


Rick: There’s another story there.

Jeffrey: Yeah. My grandfather escaped, that’s what he did. Then he traveled to Paris. He was missing in action for maybe under a year. He wound up at my great-grandmother’s door step and they thought he was dead. Since then he was a doctor in Detroit. He was an amazing doctor and an amazing man. In his practice, he would treat people regardless if they had insurance or not.

At that time he was a Republican because he didn’t want the government tell him who he could and could not treat. He has always been an example to me of strength and courage and just being a good person because that’s what you’re supposed to be. Not because you’re supposed to get anything out of it but because that’s the purpose of us being, it’s to be good.

Rick: Well that’s a real product of that time as well it’s a time where your word really meant something. If you gave your word and you went back on it, that was as devastating to you as it was to the person you let down.

Jeffrey: Yes. I’ll tell you a funny story so it can make it fun.

Rick: OK.

Jeffrey: My grandfather and my mom and my three aunts, well they were young and they were driving from maybe Camp Michigania. They went to the gas station to fill up and my grandfather went to get change. They hop back in the car and drove off and maybe it was five, ten minutes and my grandfather realized that he had been given too much change, so he drove back and he gave the man the change that was not his.

That’s a testament to my grandfather’s legacy. That’s the kind of guy he was throughout his life.

Rick: Incredible integrity, lived in courageous times.

Jeffrey: Yes, very courageous times. He’s been one of my personal heroes and a model for me since I was little.

Rick: That’s a great hero. That is a great answer. Wow. That’s inspiring to me. I’m so glad you shared that.

Jeffrey: Well I’m glad I could share that too. I like being able to tell stories about my grandfather. He was an amazing guy.

Rick: I don’t think your family will have any problem with that answer.

Jeffrey: [laughs] I don’t think they will either. I come from a very intellectual, hardworking family. Then there’s me, the artist.


Rick: When are you going to get a real job?

Jeffrey: [sarcastically] I don’t know! When am I going to be a lawyer, or a doctor, or a politician? [laughs]

Rick: Or a doctor like your grandfather.

Jeffrey: I’ll be like my grandfather.

Rick: Yeah. Thank you so much for coming on this show. That was an amazing answer. I couldn’t have predicted that coming out of this…

Jeffrey: …Thank you for having me. I appreciate that question, I’m glad that that…

Rick: …That was a great question. Everyone, check out Jeffrey on ABC’s Once Upon A Time. It shows on Sundays at 8:00 PM, 7:00 Central. By the time you see this it’ll be in reruns. [laughs] But seasons one and two are on Netflix. So if you haven’t caught up with it, catch up with seasons one and two there then swap over to iTunes and get season three and then you’ll caught up for season four which is just around the corner.

Jeffrey: Yeah.

Rick: Also follow him on Twitter. You are @Jeffreyekaiser. It’s right there. I know the links go by real fast and they’re hard to click on so head over to onequestioninterviews.com where I’ll have all these things linked up in a transcript of this interview along with many other interviews for you to check out. Hey everyone, this is Ricky Yaeger, for One Question Interviews.

Thank you so much for watching, it means a lot to me. Go ahead and subscribe to the show on the iTunes podcast directory so you don’t miss out on any other episodes. Thank you so much. Bye bye.

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