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Rick Yaeger: Hey hey everyone it’s Rick Yaeger here with “One Question Interviews,” the show where I ask famous people curious questions.

My guest today is Jorge Garcia, who you might have seen on “Once Upon a Time,” “Hawaii Five-O,” or “Alcatraz,” but you’d definitely recognize him as Hurley from “Lost.” Welcome to the show, Jorge.

Jorge Garcia: Thank you.

Rick: So tell the folks what you’ve been up to.

Jorge: I had a pretty good last few months. I did a movie at the end of last summer called “Cooties,” which premiered at Sundance this last January. It’s got Elijah Wood, and Rainn Wilson, Alison Pill, a bunch of people, and it’s a fun indie horror movie.

It was part of the midnight program that Sundance had. Then I did another movie called “The Wedding Ringer,” which is a Kevin Hart and Josh Gad movie which should open next January. It’s like Martin Luther King weekend of next year.

I also did three episodes of Hawaii Five-O, and after that I came back, they ended up offering me a regular job on that show. So next season I get to go back to Hawaii and be part of the Hawaii Five-O cast.

Rick: Very cool, congratulations.

Jorge: Thank you.

Rick: And that’s playing Jerry Ortega?

Jorge: Same, yeah exactly.

Rick: And that’s kind of a little reunion with Daniel Dae Kim who’s …

Jorge: Every time I’ve gotten a chance to go work there, it’s been like coming home. Half the crew is the same guys that I worked with and they use the same studios so it just almost feels like another season of something I’m already familiar with.

Rick: Come in and it feels comfortable, it feels like a…

Jorge: Yeah, we can walk in and immediately start busting the balls of some guy on the crew.

Rick: [laughs]

Jorge: You feel like you’re home.

Rick: Was it kind of the same way sort of with “Once Upon a Time?” I know it’s got a lot of the elements of “Lost,” same creators and writers.

Jorge: When I came on “Once Upon a Time,” I had this meeting with Ed Kitsis and Adam Horowitz and they kind of discussed “Tiny” to me and what they’re looking at this first episode and then to maybe do an origin story a little bit later.

It seemed really cool. The cast of “Once Upon a Time,” super nice, super welcoming…

Rick: Yeah.

Jorge: They immediately invited me to go go-carting with them and stuff.

Rick: [laughs]

Jorge: They’re great welcoming group and there’s a lot of them.

Rick: Oh yeah.

Jorge: Seven dwarfs already fills a table and then with everyone else. It was a fun big group to hang out with and stuff. They’re a very great bunch of people to go and hang out with.

So that was cool. But there’s always a little bit of warming period when you’re coming in on some new kind of show.

Rick: You’re the new kid in class and that kind of thing.

Jorge: Yeah, exactly.

Rick: OK so that was filmed here, but so was Alcatraz. We have nothing like Alcatraz in Vancouver.

Jorge: Right. We built a lot of Alcatraz. We shot in the studio in Vancouver and we shot two days on Alcatraz and while we were there, there was a guy who’s sole job was to take pictures of Alcatraz from every possible angle and vantage point to have a lot of source material for recreating Alcatraz in Vancouver.

Rick: In Vancouver, OK.

Jorge: So at the studio they built the recreational area for the prisoners, that was just outside of one of the studios. And they did some parts of it were just created digitally.

We shot at, oh what’s it called, the mental institution place that’s been abandoned, and they’ll use a portion of that. You come out of a door and start walking up the path there and they just kind of CGI in Alcatraz background-y kind of stuff, so there’s a little bit of cheating in that sense.

Rick: But it’s magical, amazing cheating.

Jorge: Yeah, it’s the kind of effects that don’t call attention to themselves.

Rick: Which are the best. I mean I hear people and read it a lot on Twitter, people complaining about the CGI in this movie or that TV show and just poo-pooing CGI in general like they should just stop using it. They use it a whole lot more than you think [laughs] .

Jorge: Yeah, right.

Rick: It’s not calling attention to itself and you don’t realize it, but you actually love it more than you think.

Jorge: Yes. It’s tricky when the spotlight is on the CGI to make pass, but when the CGI is just doing a little something in the background it’s quite good.

Rick: Just there to fill in the blanks and keep you in the…

Jorge: Change the country you’re in. It’s like, oh we need all the signs to be in Japanese now.

Rick: Easy. We can do that. With computers. And speaking of computers I see you have a credit on “I, Steve,” you played Steve Wozniak.

Jorge: Oh yeah. Man. I got the offer for that and it was like OK, sure sounds good, and then I get the script and the script is a feature.

I had a feeling that maybe there was gonna be a short cause I had never heard of “Funny or Die” doing a feature. I get the script and it’s a feature long script and we shot it in six days.

Which is unheard of. It’s like you’ve really got to be precious with your takes. But it was a really fun experience and a really [inaudible 6:40] when you work in those type of situations, where it’s like all right we got to do this in this amount of time and that’s what we got because next week we’re screening it.

Rick: [laughs]

Jorge: It really is a good testament to how important having a good attitude is in this business. And when you have a group that’s everyone’s after the same things, the goal is more that we achieve this, rather than any one of us be righter than the other person always ends up being a good work environment.

That was kind of cool and the thing that was like, “Wow, I can’t believe you pulled that off.”

Rick: [laughs] I’ve seen it and it’s cool it’s…

Jorge: Yeah, it’s funny. It’s funny.

Rick: I got to check it out. In a previous life I ran a Mac website, all about Mac news so this is totally in my wheelhouse. I’m anxious to see that. So I’m going to get to this question.

As you know the show is called “One Question Interviews.” I have almost a thousand different questions. I’ll choose one at random and you can answer it seriously, or in a funny voice if you like and everyone goes home happy. Sound cool?

Jorge: Sure.

Rick: OK, I’m just going to riffle down here you tell me to stop any old time.

Jorge: Oh it’s like a magic trick, start over.

Rick: OK, I’m going to start over. Not that one. Not that one.

Jorge: There! Right there, that one.

Rick: Right there. OK, and this is not the question, but would you like the top one or the bottom one?

Jorge: I’ll take the bottom one.

Rick: This one right here. OK. Jorge Garcia, have you…

Jorge: That’s your own brand of cards.

Rick: It is my own brand of cards [laughs] . How do you know you still have some growing up to do?

Jorge: Ah, man.

Rick: [lLaughs]

Jorge: Jeez. There’s a lot. For example, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 ,8 ,9 ,10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21,22…

Rick: [laughs]

Jorge: I’m looking at 23 Godzilla toys.

Rick: [laughs]

Jorge: In my office. My office. My den, like my father had, and they’re on top of the bookshelves that were in my dad’s den. It’s just loaded with Godzilla toys. Being a homeowner now and doing things that are “home-ownery”…

Rick: [laughs]

Jorge: Where it’s like, “Oh, this is my job, I’m supposed to do this now, it’s like, ah, I’ve got to do it myself.” And so every now and then there’s this thing inside going, “Oh, why can’t I just call my mom about this.” I’m not confident with an iron.

Rick: [laughs] I think that’s a lost art though. I don’t think anyone’s really that confident with an iron anymore.

Jorge: I know, but can you just go to the place that does your shirts and be like, “hey I don’t need this cleaned, can you just iron it for me?” Will they do that? I don’t know.

Like any of those mostly clothes related, like sewing on a button. I can thread needle. I can go around the holes in the button. I over do it. It becomes a big thick ball of thread that’s holding the button on.

I don’t have the confidence to be like, “That’s enough. That’s where you can walk away from this.”

Rick: I’m with you on that. I’m coming up on my one year wedding anniversary so I’m new to the idea of having someone helping me in my life with the things that I’m not so good at.

But when I was full on bachelor, if I needed to iron a shirt I would throw the shirt in the dryer by itself. Get a face-cloth or a sock, wet it, throw it in there. Put it on for a little while, knock the wrinkles out of it, close enough.

Jorge: Exactly what I do.

Rick: [laughs]

Jorge: I once even bought one of those things that you see a lot of times on sets the things that they steam the clothes, but it doesn’t take the wrinkles out. It just kind of softens the wrinkles into the shirt.

The shirt will come out of the dryer, it’s kind of fluffy, it still doesn’t have the pressed thing.

Rick: Yeah, it’s not flat and crisp.

Jorge: Yeah, I mean I don’t like starch, that feels like that thing in a cartoon, where the thing keeps flipping up on you.

Rick: [laughs]

Jorge: So when I have to do something that’s handy around the house I always walk around being like [sings] “I’m a man…”

Rick: [laughs]

Jorge: [sings] “…doing man things.” You own power tools, like I own a drill. Perhaps the extent of use I’ve had with that drill maybe adds up to 15 minutes.

Rick: [laughs] Well I think that answers the question. [laughter] Are you satisfied?

Jorge: If you’re satisfied, I’m satisfied.

Rick: I’m totally satisfied and Jorge, thank you so much for being on the show…

Jorge: Somehow I thought it was going to be harder.

Rick: Oh no…

Jorge: Good.

Rick: It’s easy, it’s just cash, man.

Jorge: [laughs]

Rick: It’s free and easy. But folks check out Jorge on all six seasons of “Lost” on Netflix, which is kind of how I caught up with it. I’d recommend if you’ve seen it before watch it again and just binge watch it because it makes a whole lot more sense when you see it all in one cohesive timeline.

Jorge: Yeah, it does.

Rick: Check him out on Twitter. He is @JorgeGarcia, spell it right. [laughs] I’ll put it down here so you guys can spell it. Also Instagram, his user name there is Pronounced Horhay. That is the user name.

Jorge: Yeah, Jorge’s spelled phonetically. H-O-R-H-A-Y…

Rick: I’ll put it down.

Jorge: OK, you’re looking at it right now.

Rick: It’s right there. Just copy it down. You can also check out his blog, it’s furtherdispatches.WordPress.com. And again, that’s down there. But you know…

Jorge: Oh. You know what?

Rick: What?

Jorge: Since I’m moving back to Hawaii.

Rick: Oh my.

Jorge: I might have to revive dispatches from the island as well.

Rick: That’s a great idea.

Jorge: That was my blog when I was there working on Lost so I might have to divide my…

Rick: [laughs]

Jorge: Because the blogging’s waned a bit lately, but maybe…

Rick: How about this, check out further dispatches…

Jorge: Yes.

Rick: And if you revive the original blog you post something there so that people know where to…

Jorge: Of course. I’ll mention it for sure.

Rick: There you go.

Jorge: Yeah, it won’t go unnoticed.

Rick: And you know just to simplify this just go to one question interviews.com where I’m going to have a transcript of this interview. All of it. Along with the links and all the cool stuff we’ve talked about.

You can just click away. That’s it, this is Rick Yaeger for “One Question Interviews.” Thank you so much for watching and subscribe to the show in iTunes podcast directory so that you don’t miss out on the next episode, OK? Buh-bye everybody.

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