What advice does Vanna White ask of happy 80-year olds?

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Rick Yaeger: Hey everyone. It’s Rick Yaeger and you’re here with One Question Interviews, the show where I get the golden opportunity to talk to a celebrity and then I wasted on some random question.

I’m very thankful though, today to be able to chat with today’s guest, who we all have been welcoming into our homes over the last 30 years, please welcome, Vanna White.

Vanna White: Hi.

Rick: Hi, great to see you. Thank you so much for being here.

Vanna: My pleasure.

Rick: You’re actually being there. You’re not here.

Wheel of Fortune

Of course, people know you’re from the “Wheel of Fortune” which airs on CBS. Is it every evening?

Vanna: Yes. It airs every evening, Monday through Saturday.

Rick: Monday through Saturday?

Vanna: Yes. Not Sunday.

Rick: Not Sunday.

Vanna: No.

Rick: They call it America’s game but I’m up here in Canada. It’s beloved up here as well. It might be America’s game but it’s loved around the world.

Vanna: Thank you. Thanks to all great fans that keep watching it and enjoying our show that we have been on the air for 32 years. I want to thank them for watching and enjoying our show.


Rick: We just love it. Great to talk to you. I’ve been researching you over the last couple of days and realizing even immortalized on television all these years. You’ve also been a moralized as a doll.

Vanna: Yes.

Rick: In a “Weird Al” Yankovic song.

Vanna: That’s right. I love it. I really do. Any time my name gets out there, I like it. As a matter of fact, I received a letter, a fan letter one time from this woman who had a white llama and she named her llama after me.

Rick: [laughs] You mentioned your name, I mean, your name has become your own. Any one that names their kid Vanna, they assume their naming them after you because you’re the only Vanna in the world, clearly. [laughs] They must be referring to you.

Vanna: Right. Although, we were taping our show in Denver Colorado one time, I went in into this clothing store and they said “Oh, we’re holding a gown for you.” I said, “You are? I had never been in this store.” He says, “Yes. It says Vanna White right here.”

You know, there was another Vanna White that lives in Denver? That happened to be shopping at the same store I was shopping at?

Rick: As long as she’s not cashing checks.


Vanna: That’s right.

Vanna’s Choice

Rick: I really want to talk to you about “Vanna’s Choice”.

Vanna: OK.

Rick: If you could tell us what that’s about because…

Vanna: Vanna’s Choice is my line of yarn. I have been an avid [inaudible 02:49] since I was a little girl. I had worked with Lion Brand Yarn company for many years. About five years ago, they came to me and said, “How would you like to have your own line of yarn?” and that was the most exciting thing.

I said I would love to it but it would also love to give back. What I have done with my line of yarn is I donate half of my proceeds to Saint Jude Children’s Research Hospital.

It makes me feel good to be able to give back. It also makes me feel good to have my own yarn, to crochet with my own yarn, to pick my own colors and all that stuff. It’s fun.

Rick: From my research, I see that you were able to donate over a million dollars to Saint Jude’s.

Vanna: That is true and I feel so honored to be able to do that. It was one of the best days of my life. I have to tell you, the day I went to the hospital and donated it, to see those children’s’ faces, the parents and all the Saint Jude’s does for so many people, it felt so good to give back.

Rick: Wow. It’s a great charity. It’s great to give back. It’s so important for us to realize and to be grateful for where we are and to be able to give back like that.

Vanna: We’re so lucky to be healthy and our kids to be healthy. There are a lot of people out there that aren’t so to be able to help them means so much.

Rick: How come in a way that it also speaks to something you enjoy doing? It’s a match made in heaven.

Vanna: I agree.

The Interview

Rick: Very good. I’m going to get to the interview.

Vanna: OK.

Rick: This is just chit chat. Once I grab the hat, that’s when the business happens.

Vanna: All right.

Rick: As you know, the show is called One Question Interviews. I have almost asked a thousand different questions ranging from the profane to the profound.

I will choose one at random, you’ll answer it seriously or in a funny voice if you like and everyone goes home happy, sound good?

Vanna: Sounds great.

Rick: I’m going to grab a handful here, we’ll just ripple down the side and you tell me when to stop.

Vanna: Stop.

Rick: Stop. Now, do you want the top or the bottom?

Vanna: The top.

Rick: The top. Vanna White, what advice would you appreciate from a happy and successful octogenarian?

Vanna: That is great question. I have always looked up to older people than myself to get advice from them because they have so much wisdom. As we look back, we’ve learned things in our past so to look ahead, I would love to hear how they remained happy?

How they have remained successful? What advice they could give me to live a healthier life, a happier life, whatever they have to offer, I’m willing to listen.

I want to hear everything. What they eat? How they sleep? If they have any bad habits, what’s good for you? What’s not good for you? What their exercise regimen is, whatever, I would love to hear it all.

Rick: Very good.

Vanna: Write to me.

Rick: Great to see… [laughs]

Vanna: Write to me and tell me.

Rick: Good answer. My mom’s not quite 80 yet, I think, she’s in her mid-70’s. I’ll say that. [laughs] My stepfather is in his early 90’s.

Vanna: Wow.

Rick: He has incredible wisdom. I know exactly what you mean about the life experience that comes with life experience. It’s this wisdom through the trials of life, the ups and down, the good the bad. Those are the things that these people have learned and can give us the cheat cheat for.

He says, “I’ve been through what you’re going through, here’s what you need to do.” [laughs]

Vanna: Yes.

Rick: Yeah. I liked that question. It’s my question. [laughs]

Vanna: It’s a great question.

Rick: It’s very good. Thank you so much for answering it.

Vanna: Sure.

The Wrap-up

Rick: Thanks for being on the show. Everyone check out Vanna White on Wheel of Fortune every night but Sunday on CBS. Check your local listings for show times. It’s on pretty much any time in the world. It’s somewhere. It’s on.

Vanna: It is and it’s on pretty much all the stations, depends on where you live.

Rick: There’s a Wheel of Fortune app, it’s out there. [laughs]

Vanna: It is.

Rick: It’s great. I’ve asked you your official one question, what’s next for Wheel of Fortune? Are you planning any trips or any? I remember in the 80’s, you did a train ride. I don’t know if you do that anymore.

Vanna: No. We don’t have any train rides plan but we do travel. We’re actually planning on going to Hawaii, here in September, that’s our next trip. Who knows from there, we have been all over the places. As a matter of fact, just yesterday, I found out we have done 63 remotes.

Rick: Wow.

Vanna: Since 1988. We’ve been to pretty much every city in the US.

Rick: Yeah. Have you been to every state? Have you missed a couple?

Vanna: We’ve probably missed a couple of states.

Rick: I think you should get on that and make sure you check out those other little states wherever they happen to be. [laughs]

Vanna: Yes.

Rick: Vanna, you’re not on Twitter. If anyone who is looking to follow Vanna and you find someone on there, it’s not her. There are impostors out there. We are both here to say that she’s not on social networks at this point.

Vanna: That’s right. Maybe one day, I’ll let you know.

Rick: Yes. Let me know and I’ll let everyone else know. Maybe we’ll have you on again to give everyone the information where they can follow you.

Vanna: That would be great.

Rick: In the meantime, you can go to Twitter and follow Wheel of Fortune which is at wheel of fortune, that’s very simple.

I invite you all to head over to onequestioninterviews.com where we all have a transcript of this interview along with all the links to all the cool stuff we talked about where you can buy yarn, for instance.

Simplify your life a bit with that kind of click-ability. Everyone, this is Rick Yaeger for One Question Interviews.

Thank you so much for watching. I would love it if you would subscribe to the show for free in iTunes or on YouTube. That way you don’t missed out on the next week episode. Thanks every one. Goodbye.

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