What one word would Supernatural’s Rob Benedict tattoo on his forehead?

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Rick Yaeger: Hey everyone. It’s Ricky here with one question interviews. The show where I get the golden opportunity to talk to a celebrity, and then I wasted it all on asking totally random question. Yeah, today’s guest is probably best known for his roles on: Supernatural, Waiting, and Felicity.

But, he’s got a movie to talk about and his band just released its 5th album. So, let’s get into, everybody welcome Rob Benedict.

Rob Benedict: Hey everybody, how’s it going?

Rick: Hey Hey. Thank you for doing this, I really appreciate it.

Rob: Yeah, absolutely, my pleasure.

Rick: Before we get to the one question, the official interview. We’ve got to tell people, what’s been happening with and to you, over the last little while.

Rob: Yeah.

The Sidekick

Rick: Let’s start with The SideKick.

Rob: Yes, I wrote a movie and produced a movie that I’m also in called The Side Kick. It’s about a super hero sidekick who gets fired, He’s like 40 and he can’t cut it anymore. He’s forced to go out trying to find what his new job is going to be, He has never skilled at anything except saying: “Look out” and “Get in” and “Here, catch”.

Rick: [laughs]

Rob: I’ve got some great people to be in it: Lizzy Caplan is in it, Ron Livingston, Jordan Peele, Martin Starr- just great people, Jason Ritter. SO, anyway we’ve just got distribution, it’s going to be distributed online via FilmBuff is the distribution company.

Rick: OK.

Rob: That’ll be later in the fall, but in the mean time you can check out the trailer and see what’s going on with it at the website which is: the sidekickproject.com. Absolutely, part of the problem is that he sidekicks are getting pushed out of the way by the other new up and comers and by the new technology that exists, where they’ve got GPS now. They don’t need sidekicks to tell them how to get there.

It was all born out of the fact that I realized when I turned 40 that, I’m an actor but if I wanted everybody to do nothing else that I trained to do. If I wanted to do a career change, there’s nothing viable for me to do, I don’t know how to do anything. It’s too late to go back to school and learn how to do something. I realized I’m not skilled with anything and I thought much like a super hero sidekick who really doesn’t have any powers himself, quick runner maybe.

Rick: Yeah.

Rob: Yeah, so that’s what it was born out of. It was super fun to be able to do it.

Rick: You finished the film like a year ago or more.

Rob: A year ago, yeah. We did the film festival circuit.

The Stroke

Rick: It seems like that’s a long time for a movie to be finished and, now you’re talking about it.

Rob: Yeah.

Rick: There was a bit of a hick up in between.

Rob: Oh that.

Rick: Oh that.

Rob: That’s what’s happened, that answers the question: what has happened to me.

Rick: Yes [laughing]

Rob: About last October at a convention in Toronto, I suffered a stroke which is crazy; it was a complete random thing. My stroke was caused by a dissected carotid artery, which happened randomly. It tore and caused a blood clot to my brain, and it made me unable to speak at all. Miraculously, I healed. I got my voice back, I had speech impairment for a while which went away.

It’s a crazy life thing, the doctors say my artery is healed, it’s working again. Doctors say there’s no reason it’s going to happen again, go live your life. It’s a weird thing, at my age it’s not that common. So, yeah I was definitely dealing with that for about four months took me out of the game.

Rick: What would you say out of ten, Where are you at as far as recovery? Are you…

Rob: 9.9, I’m really almost back to normal. Occasionally…it’s weird thing because my main thing word finding. I faced as I couldn’t say anything. I was mute, I really couldn’t say anything, what is this called, I couldn’t say table, and it was the weirdest thing. I knew in my mind it was that thing, you put things on, but I couldn’t think the word table.

My wife, I couldn’t say her name. I knew it was her, I knew exactly who it was I just couldn’t, that wasn’t linking right. For me, sometimes I will have a word find thing, when I say “Oh, what’s the…”I get it when you’re at our age that happened anyway. You don’t know if that’s a stroke or is that just me not remembering.

Rick: Yeah, because I’m identifying with that. I can remember very clearly a time where my boss was on the phone and needed me to read some numbers off the screen, and I could see them they’re right there. It’s like a five digit number, and I’m reading them off and my mouth, my brain or the connection between them betrayed me.

I could see it and I could hear it and it’s like “What the hell, that’s not what that says. Why is my mouth saying something else?”

Rob: Wow, yeah. It’s creepy and scary. That’s what it felt like to me. When I first knew it was happening I was signing autographs at this convention center, a woman asked me what my wedding anniversary was and I was like “uh…” The most awkward part of not being able to speak is, it looked like I’m not being able to remember.

I couldn’t say August 4th, I couldn’t say that, crazy. In acting that’s a deal breaker, you got to be able to talk.

Rick: And remember lines and …

Rob: Yeah. Thank God. Now I’m just trying to live my life and figure out why that happened and what it means to me, how I can use it to my benefit.

Rick: This is all happening at a fan convention.

Rob: Yes. It’s a supernatural fan convention, for fans of supernatural. There was some lucky things that happened in the unlucky event that I saved me in the end. I had a friend who came back when he realized something was wrong with me, he came back, he was like “Something is wrong, we’re going to the hospital” and that saved me, another actor on the show.

Rick: Amazing.

Rob: I did that, recovered. I’m cured and back in the game.

Sky Alive by Louden Swain

Rick: So, a fifth album for Louden Swain.

Rob: That’s right. Right when I got back, the one thing that I could do was play and sing. I wasn’t ready to act again, but I could do that. I started writing songs and then in January we recorded a new album and put it out in February or March. I’m really proud of it, it’s called “Sky Alive”. A lot is in that album, it represents a lot for me so that’s cool.

Rick: Where can people find it? Is it on…

Rob: It’s on iTunes, Amazon. You can also go to loudenswain.com and get all of our situation and merge you can find it out there. On iTunes, look up Louden Swain.

Rick: Loudenswain.com just magically appeared below your face.

Rob: Awesome. Hey, look at that.

The Interview

Rick: Good. Well I’m going to go grab for the hat.

Rob: All right.

Rick: This is it. All right, as you know the show is called one question interviews, I have almost a thousand different questions ranging from the profane to the profound. We will choose one at random and you’ll answer it seriously or in a funny voice if you’d like and everyone goes home happy. Cool?

Rob: OK, I just answer the question.

Rick: You just answer the question, let’s explore and see what…

Rob: Happens, OK.

Rick: What happens. OK, I have got a handful here. I’m just going to down the side riffle down the side, you tell me when to stop.

Rob: OK. Stop.

Rick: You want the top of the bottom, or the bottom of the top?

Rob: Bottom.

Rick: Bottom.

Rob: Yeah, top of the bottom.

Rick: Top of the bottom: Rob Benedict, if we were required to get a single word tattooed to your forehead, what would that be?

Rob: [laughing]

Rick: Who write this stuff? [laughing]

Rob: This is pretty good, because… being in midlife crisis mode; I just said to my wife I want to get a tattoo. She’s not into it. Part of the problem is I can’t think of what to get, what to stamp on your arm. I mean it would be like here right.

Rick: Yeah.

Rob: We’re like, the word, we’re talking here?

Rick: Yeah.

Rob: I can think of so many things. One of the things I was thinking in response to the stroke that happened to me and everything, was “Alive”, just the word “alive” on my shoulder. I asked my wife: “May be I should put your name, she was like “leave me out of it”.

Rick: [laughing]

Rob: Alive, the serious answer is alive. It’s a serious statement I think.

Rick: It is. It’s even more serious than if it’s on your forehead.

Rob: Right. I was thinking to joke at it, it could be: if found, please return to and have my home address.

Rick: But, then you can’t move.


Rob: That’s true. That’s right. [laughing]

Rick: Hey Margret, it’s the guy that used to live here; someone dropped him on the porch.

Rob: [laughing] I could tattoo Rob, and then no one could ever forget my name. I think done to my head I’d have to say alive. If not that, then, if found please return to and then I’d never move from my house.

Rick: [laughing] I think that might be the weirdest question I’ve ever pulled out of the stack.

Rob: Really? I feel like I’m honored?

Rick: [laughing] Why me?

Rob: I kind of like it, because it’s so permanent. That’s the thing about a tattoo, it’s scary, you can’t change it. I’m in the middle of this right now, I’m really trying to think, and then you talk to someone and you can go with an idea.

If it’s a good tattoo artist he’ll just come up with something. Like just look I just survived a stroke, I’m alive, I want something that inspires me like there’s a direct line to my head that says I’m a survivor that answers the question: What now?

Rick: When I thought about it, like tattoos and that kind of thing; what do I believe in that much that I would permanently embed it in my body?

Rob: Right, to engrave.

Rick: I guess that’s why when I wrote the question, I said the forehead, because so many people hide it. I’ll put the tattoo on my butt cheek so that only certain people would see it. Like it’ll be small, a little butterfly. Well that’s…

Rob: Right. I was thinking my shoulder then I decide when people need to see it or not.

Rick: It won’t affect your viability for work. [laughing]

Rob: No, because I don’t usually go up for guys who are shirtless. It’s a weird question if you only get one tattoo. What defines you? What says this is who you are? Like a family emblem or something like that. It’s hard, but that’s something I’ve been through in the past year which I feel is a unique experience for me that I’ve experience. I don’t even know what the word is for it. There’s no word for it other than alive.

Rick: It’s an odd thing to define in a single word.

Rob: Right.

Rick: Especially when you have aphasia.

Rob: Yeah. [laughing]

The Wrap-up

Rick: Weird question, weird question. But, thank you so much for putting up with it. [laughing]

Rob: Absolutely. It fits.

Rick: Thanks for being on the show. Remind people where they might find SideKick, it’s: thesidekickproject.com will definitely point them in the right direction.

Rob: TheSidekickProject.com that has a preview, Facebook link and a twitter link. You can find me @RobBenedict on Twitter

Rick: Those are just going to happen right below your face.

Rob: It’s magic.

Rick: Yeah, @RobBenedict and then your band is at…

Rob: @LoudenSwain1 or loudenswain.com.

Rick: And you audience, I invite you all to head over to onequestioninterviews.com where I’m going to have a transcript of this interview along with links to all the cool stuff. So, if you still can make heads or tails or where Rob’s Twitter account is, I’ll make it so you can click on it, it’ll be very simple. And, yeah that’s it this is Rick Yaeger for one question interviews.

Thank you so much for watching and subscribe to the show for free in iTunes or on YouTube Either way it’s free and that way you won’t miss out on the next episode, it’s a good thing.

All right everyone, Thanks again, bye bye.

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