What’s David Anders’ take on iZombie, his new series?

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Rick Yaeger: Hey everyone! It’s Rick Yaeger with “One Question Interviews,” the show where I get the golden opportunity to talk to a celebrity and then I waste it on some totally random question.

You’ve seen today’s guest on “Alias,” “The Vampire Diaries” and “Once Upon a Time.” He’s currently shooting his new series “I-Zombie” here in beautiful Vancouver. Please welcome Mr. David Anders.

David Anders: Hello!

Rick: Hello! Thank you so much for doing this.

David: There’s the beautiful Vancouver behind us.

Rick: It’s a little blown out but we’ll assume… [laughter]

David: Whoa!

Rick: Oh yeah, now I can see. Wow, you’re high up!

David: And we’re back.

Rick: That’s nice!

David: On top of the world, or town!


Rick: Before we get to the one question we should tell people what you’ve been up to lately. The new show “I-Zombie” sounds very cool.

David: Yeah, it really is cool! It’s fun. I’ve always wanted, from the jump when I moved to Los Angeless when I was 18, I wanted to do comedy. You play a bad guy once, they don’t let you do comedy.

Rick: [laughs]

David: Finally, I’m allowed. I’ve been let into the club, if you will, and I’m over the moon about it. It’s going great. Rob Thomas, the creator of the show; and Diane Ruggiero, a write, have relly crafted a pretty cool, little TV show.

We hope people like it, because, hey, we’re having a great time doing it. More, I guess you’d say, it’s in the warm bodies’ bag.

It’s a zom-com-rom-dram.


David: It gets dark, but it’s very light. It’s very funny. Rose Mclver, myself play the two zombies who are made main characters obvious in our story.

We’re feeling, thinking zombies. We’re still us. We have a lust and a need for brains, because if we don’t eat brains, we will become that prototypical, walking, dead zombie. If we don’t have brains, we lose our brains.

Rick: It’s like a hypoglycemia thing?

David: Yeah.

Rick: Where you’ve got to have your meals at the right times or you get a little weird. You get a little sloppy.

David: [laughs] When we do eat the brains, we have visions of the person whose brain it is. We have visions of before they died or any time in there…

There are parts of that person that we become.

Rick: That touches on the mechanics of the show a bit. The main character, she works in a morgue. She’s a …

David: Yeah. She works in a morgue, because this happens to her. She is a really successful, driven medical student, and has a lovely, wonderful fiancée, played by Robert Buckley. This happens, and she doesn’t know what to do, she knows that, she needs brains. She quits med school, and starts working at the morgue, so, she has access to brains.

Rick: To brains.

David: She is working at the brain dealership.


Rick: All brains, all the time. It is a manageable zombification.

David: Yes. There is certain things, that we miss.

Rick: This is a comedy? Obviously, a little dark.

David: All but dark comedy. A zom-com-rom-dram. My character’s name is Blaine DeBeers, which is a great name. He is an entitled snobby, rich…not snobby, but entitled rich kid. I guess, not kid, I am 33 years old, and I am playing this guy. He is entitled Richie Rich. He is a drug dealer when you first meet him, and you meet him in the pilot episode.

He is dealing drugs, and he is a sleaze ball, becomes a zombie, and moves from the drug vocation to a different vocation, which I can’t reveal to you. But, it’s very fun. He is the main heavy, I am still playing heavies, but fun with it, this time.

Rick: We will let you do a comedy, as long as you still play the heavy.

David: Yeah.

Rick: OK. We don’t have a premiere date, it’s a mid season kind of a deal?

David: Yeah, we don’t have a premiere date, yet. Whenever day, unfurled the mid season replacements, that’s when we will come. I would imagine, it is in April or maybe, February, March, or April? I don’t know.

Rick: I will keep the people updated. It will be on the CW, we watch the skies, the zombie invasion is coming.

David: It’s going to be fun.

Rick: Expect it, early next year, 2015.


The view out of your window, the weather has been nice here in Vancouver. I hear, you are a bit of a golfer.

David: Yeah, it has been beautiful, and I am a golfer. Who told you that?

Rick: I just look around, I see your twitter feed, I see some familiar faces in your golf cart.

David: Yeah. Michael Coleman, and Josh Dallas, [popping sound] went out the other day, to a beautiful course called, Pagoda Ridge; which has a decidedly Asian feel, it’s all very themed. This Great Wall type of thing, it is part of the cart path. It’s very cool, it’s a beautiful course, very new, I love golf. I don’t know what I would do without it.

The Interview

Rick: I’m going to get to the question. I’m going to grab my One Question hat here.

David: You look like a pimp.


David: You look great, Rick. You look great.

Rick: As you know, the show is called One Question Interviews. I have almost a thousand different question ranging from the profane to the profound. We’ll choose one at random and you’ll answer it seriously or in a British accent if you like.

David: [laughs]

Rick: We will typecast you but feel free. Is that OK?

David: Fine.

Rick: I’m going to grab a handful here. We’ll just riffle down the side. You tell me when to stop.

David: Stop!

Rick: You want the top or the bottom?

David: Top.

Rick: David Anders, under pressure, who is the coolest person you know?

David: Under pressure, who is the coolest person I know? Wow.

Rick: [laughs]

David: Myself.

Rick: [laughs] Cool under pressure.

David: No, I’m not very good under pressure. I’m going to say my buddy Brian Baumgartner from The Office. One of my frequent golf buddies. When we’re playing for money on the course, he’s got a putt that needs to be sunk, he always sinks it. Where as I stand over that putt and I got shakes in my hand.

Rick: [laughs]

David: I was so nervous from playing 25, 30 dollars or something. The bommer, Bryan.

It’s funny. One day we were on a golf course. We just each got married. That was a lovely event. Congratulation Brian again. We were on the course and our friend Brad, he had gotten the hole in one couple of weeks prior down at the Pelican Hill golf course.

Brian said to me that day,”Do you think Brad got a hole in one before us? That’s like total crap.” Because Brad and I are kind of close in talent. Brian always beats us. We consider Brand the worst player. His probably better than me now.

Rick: [laughs]

David: That day, Brian went out and got a hole in one. It was amazing. We freaked out. It was a fun thing to see that hole in one.

Rick: Have you had your hole in one? Have you done it?

David: I’ve never got a hole in one. I’m the lone wolf in that trio. It doesn’t happen.

Rick: I never tried golf. I know I would cause too much damage.

David: [laughs] They call it golf because #$%& and &%$# were taken.

The Wrap-up

Rick: [laughs] Well there you go. That’s your question. Thank you so much for being on the show. Everybody, like we said, watch the CW for the premier of iZombie. We’re not sure when but it’s coming. Look out for it.

David: I appreciate it, Rick.

Rick: Follow this man on Twitter. I didn’t mention this but great movie going advice.

David: Is that right?

Rick: That is right. I don’t always heat it but after the movie is over and I invariably say to myself, “I should have listened to David Anders.”

David: [laughs]

Rick: “That sucked.” [laughs]

David: I don’t screw around, man.

Rick: [laughs]

David: Don’t screw around.

Rick: Follow David. He is @QuestionAnders. It will be right down there. You’ll find it. As always the links are over at onequestioninterviews.com along with the transcript of this interview. Check that out.

Thank you so much for watching. Thank you even more for subscribing to the show for free on iTunes or on YouTube. That’s it I’m Rick Yeager for One Question Interviews. I’ll see you next time everyone. Bye bye.

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