How to Get Celebrities to Follow You On Twitter: 1Qi Special FAQ Edition #2

Tweet Rick Yaeger

Rick Yaeger: What are some of the things a fan could do to get you to follow them on Twitter?

Jorge Garcia: Hm.

Tony Goldwyn: Hm.

David Anders: Uh.

Linda Park: Wow.

Greg Grunberg: You know it’s– uh, you and I met on Twitter.

Be their friend in real life

Abbey Cobb: Oh, be my best friend.

Rick: OK.

Abbey Cobb: Because I would certainly follow you if you were my best friend.

Neil Jackson: Befriend me over several years.

Rick: This isn’t legally binding, by the way.

Linda Park: I know.

Engage in meaningful conversation over time

Tony Goldwyn: I get a lot of requests. You know what I really love, what’s more relevant, I think is the way that I communicate with fans.

Reno Wilson: I really enjoy interacting with people.

Jason O’Mara: And I love following fans. It’s great. It gives me a little peek into their lives and I love it.

Share your talent or art

Dulé Hill:
 Post a video of them tap dancing.

David Anders: Just say something funny.

Rob Benedict: I suppose if they had some really cool thing that they do, like maybe they’re a great artist.

Dulé Hill: Not just acting crazy tap dancing, but really trying to tap dance.

Abbey Cobb: Or if you said positive, encouraging things or you’re some kind of artist or really cool photographer.

Jorge Garcia: Make something great. Offer me a job. I don’t know.

Dulé Hill: Well, that would be difficult–seeing someone tap dance and really putting it down, I’d be like oh, wow, that’s cool.

Make ’em laugh

David Anders:
 I use Twitter to make people laugh and to laugh myself.

Linda Park: I enjoy a good sense of humor and someone who can really make me laugh.

Sendhil Ramamurthy: If you make me laugh hard, I will give you a follow. It hasn’t happened yet.

Be profound, intelligent and interesting

David Anders:
 You know, they could say something profound too.

Tony Goldwyn: And I tend to answer the Tweets where people have thoughtful questions and are interesting as opposed to JUST NOTICE ME, you know?

Greg Grunberg: It’s hard to get somebody’s attention on Twitter.

Do NOT badger for them to follow you

 What if I just tweeted to you in all caps, FOLLOW ME, FOLLOW ME, FOLLOW ME about 5 or 12 times a day?

Abbey Cobb: Well, I wouldn’t be sure if you were a crazy.

Reno Wilson: I’m not a crazy twitterer.

Jorge Garcia: Yeah, that’s the thing that makes me least excited about following them on Twitter.

Dulé Hill: I can tell you how to not get me to follow you is by more than once in a row about FOLLOW ME or NOTICE ME.

Pay attention — sometimes there’s a simple trick

Jason O’Mara:
 I hold competitions from time to time and who I follow, I follow because they won a competition, whether it was a caption contest or a write a tagline, for making a poster, whatever it is. And so I follow them.

Amy Jo Johnson: Well, I did have these StageIt shows. It’s really cool,, where I play guitar and sing. People can tip or– and
then the highest tipper–

Rick: Uh, huh.

Amy Jo Johnson: –sounds so silly. I’ll follow you on Twitter.

Reno Wilson: I don’t know if I should tell you what my secret is on how I follow people, because there’s one specific thing that you have to do and I will follow you immediately.

Rick: OK. Let’s leave it at that.

Reno Wilson: I followed a girl today and she did that thing.

Rick: She did that thing.

Reno Wilson: She did that thing.

Joshua Malina: This is an easy one. Donate $25 to the organization MAZON, which is a Jewish response to hunger. I’m cheap, $25 and you’re in. I will follow you.

Be nice, polite and kind

Greg Grunberg:
 Just be a really nice, normal person and, you know, hope to God that I catch what you say in my stream.

Dulé Hill: But beyond that, sometimes it’s just simply asking.

Abbey Cobb: I’d probably follow you.

Rick: OK. Good answer.

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