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Rick Yaeger: Hey everyone, its Rick Yaeger here with “One Question Interviews,” the show where I get the golden opportunity to talk to a celebrity, and then I waste it on some totally random question.

Sitting across the Internet from me today, is a song and dance woman that you probably got to know as the host of the TLC show, “Trading Spaces.” Please welcome Paige Davis. Yay!

Thanks for doing this, and of course, welcome. Before we get to the one question, I like to chit-chat a bit and find out what people are up to and where people can find you.

Paige Davis: It’s quite a ruse you’ve got going. You do one question interview and then someone says, “Yes” but it’s not really…


Trading Spaces and the Merry Murderess of Chicago

Rick: People saw you, got to know you on TLC’s Trading Spaces. Personal opinion, I think you are way too talented for the show.

Paige: Aw. I was using so many of my talents on the show.

Rick: You were but…

Paige: Just different ones than I’d used previously in my career.

Rick: True, but I think Roxie Hart is closer to your “you” than TLC’s Trading Spaces Paige Davis.

Paige: The Merry Murderess?

Rick: Yes.


Paige: Well, my background is in dancing, and my dream was always to do Broadway, and I always wanted to do musical theater, and in fact, only really studied voice in order to dance in musical theater. I’m like, “Well, if I’m going to be in musicals on Broadway, I’m going to have to learn how to sing.” That was always my main goal and the main thing that was in my heart and my main passion.

The hosting Trading Spaces thing really did come out of the blue, and it happened very…well, actually randomly. It was a friend who told me to audition for it. Never done anything like that before, and it made me grow in a lot of ways.

I was able to use a lot of training that I hadn’t really used before, a lot of improv training that I did when I was first out of college.

Trading Spaces, it’s a reality show, so it’s unscripted. I’d go into a “scene,” where the homeowners are painting or tearing down wallpaper or doing a craft, or whatever it is they had to do. There’s no script. It’s just interview, go. Have fun, and make it great.

Trading Spaces was, we were very, very early on in that genre and we kind of catapulted that genre into the landscape of television. That was kind of back in the day, where it actually was real.

We showed up and in two days, these families really redid a room in each other’s place. We just caught it on camera.

Rick: And if they liked it, they really liked it, and if they didn’t, they certainly did not.

Paige: Exactly. We were trying to make good television. If I was in one house and I heard a neighbor, if heard a homeowner say something that I knew was either great or negative, either way, but something that was going to elicit a lot of emotion, I would run back over to the other house and tell the producer in the other house like, “Oh my god! You’re never going to believe what they said.”

He’d be like, “Next project, you’re going in and you’ve got to figure out a way to get them to say that.” All of it was real. Then it was later, the genre started getting produced more and more. Not with Trading Spaces, just with shows in general across all television. They started getting a little more scripted and a little more produced.

How to use Periscope

Rick: But through this, you’ve gained some amazing fans and you are interacting with them in a new, technological way. This is kind of how we set this up, was over an app produced by the folks at Twitter called Periscope.

Paige: Woohoo! Periscope is an app that allows you to stream live to your Twitter followers, who are following you on Periscope. They can interact with you, and it comes up as little text messages as you’re recording. I should be periscoping this right now!

Rick: You should be. [laughs]

Paige: At the bottom, there are these icons and the third one from the left actually shows a little red dot on it, and you touch that…

Rick: And it lets you start a broadcast.

Paige: …up comes this. You tap up here at the top where the cursor is, “Broadcast Now,” and it says “What are you seeing now,” so you can actually type…

Rick: I am seeing Paige Davis.

Paige: Rick Yaeger Y-A-E-G-E-R, right.


Rick: We are live.

Paige: On Skype. Then you hit “Start Broadcast.”

Rick: And there you are in my teleprompter.

Paige: There you are in my teleprompter. Oh my God, it looks like that’s totally your eye. It totally looks like you’re wearing a patch over one eye. It totally looks hot.

Oh my gosh.


Paige: No, I don’t know who’s watching. 21 people are watching. Oh my gosh.

Rick: I’m doing an interview with Paige Davis about Periscope.


Paige: And then so you blah, blah, blah, and periscoping, periscoping, periscoping, there’s Rick Yaeger. OK, show your face. There he is.

Rick: Hello.


Paige: And then, you sometimes get little hearts. That’s kind of fun, when people give you little hearts.

Rick: Then you just tap on the screen anywhere…

Paige: Ew! Who’s got a foot fetish? That is my foot…

Rick: Oh, boy. [laughs]

Paige: We don’t have to see anything else, because I’m not going to show you. I’m going to switch it around, so I can say hi to everybody.

Rick: Good.

Paige: OK, that’s it. That’s your Periscope tutorial. Then what happens when you want to sign off is, you scroll down, you go…

Rick: Kind of flick from the top. There we go.

Paige: And then it says “Stop Broadcast,” and you can stop broadcasting. If you really love what you taped, it gives you the option here. It says “Save to Camera Roll,” and if you touch that, it’s saved to your camera roll, so you won’t lose it.

But I do like it. I know if Ellen were like, “Oh here is me cooking dinner” or, “Here’s my dog” or “Here’s the new whatever that Portia and I did,” I would be like “Oh my God, I’m totally watching this. Ellen is periscoping live right now! I’m watching that.”

I know the people that I’m a fan of, I would want to see those little insights into their day and their stuff, and what they do, and what they like, and their dog.

Rick: We watched Oprah make dumplings yesterday on Periscope.

Paige: How am I not following Oprah…


The Interview

Rick: I’m going to get to the one question.

Paige: OK.

Rick: We know we’re getting to the one question when I grab the One Question Hat.

Paige: I wish I had accoutrements.

Rick: There you go, the One Question Glasses.

As you know, the show is called the One Question Interview, and I have almost a thousand different questions, ranging from the profane to the profound. We’ll choose one at random and you’ll answer it seriously, or in a funny voice if you like, and everyone goes home happy. Sound cool?

Paige: OK, sounds cool. [laughs]

Rick: I’ll just scroll down the side, you tell me when to stop and that will be your question.

Paige: [whispers] Stop.

Rick: OK, would you like the top or the bottom?

Paige: [jokingly] That is a personal question.

Rick: And it’s not the question. [laughs]

Paige: [laughs] Bottom.

Rick: Bottom, OK. Paige Davis, what is your cause?

Paige: Well, the thing that touches me the most and that I dedicate my time to helping the most, in terms of a charitable cause, would be hunger and homelessness. They tend to go hand in hand.

Rick: True.

Paige: I dedicate my volunteer time always, always, and always to Broadway Cares/Equity Fights AIDS, because that’s what we do. Everybody in the community here dedicates as much time as they possibly can to that.

But separate, on my own, I’m on the board of directors for Volunteers of America, which is a social services organization. It’s a nationwide organization, but I serve just on the New York chapter.

We provide social services for people in need, ranging everything from aging to veterans to early developmentally disabled children with disabilities, with actual brain injuries and disabilities and homelessness, whether they’re single men coming out of the prison system, or families, or families dealing with domestic violence, and of course veterans homelessness as well.

I got involved through one of the programs that Volunteers of America does. It’s called Operation Backpack. It’s a school supply drive, and it’s done exceptionally well. I always say that the dirty little secret about volunteering is it’s the most selfish thing you can do.

Rick: Yeah, it’s true. You do get something in return. It’s not…

Paige: So much.

Rick: I’ll definitely be putting a URL right below your face, so people can check it out and donate as they are able.

Paige: I’ll tell you what, that’s really perfect. People are going to think we planned it, because if this airs in July, that’s like, literally when Operation Backpack is in full swing. This question, I feel like people are going to think we absolutely planned this, but…

Rick: We did not.

Paige: I swear we didn’t. [laughs]

Rick: It’s totally random. [laughs]

Paige: But yeah, you can donate, please donate to Operation Backpack, one dollar, five dollars, tickets to “Wicked.”


Rick: Whatever you can.

Paige: Whatever you can. It’s really incredible and I can’t say enough what it means and how much we do with every dollar we get. Volunteers of America uses, 90 cents on the dollar goes directly to programs and benefits, so go to that URL and please, please donate. It would mean the world to me.

Rick: Help out where you can, just anything, anything. That’s so cool. It’s going to work out great. I’m so happy you got that question and it’s perfect timing, where the calendar is on our side this time.

Paige: That’s great. It’s really great.

The Wrap Up

Rick: So, people, check out Paige Davis. She is on Twitter. She is @RealPaigeDavis, correct?

Paige: That’s right.

Rick: You are also @RealPaigeDavis on Facebook, on Instagram, on Pinterest…


Rick: …and I forget all the other ones, but if you go to paigedavis.com, you’ve got a whole bunch of nice little icons on the top that will take you to all of these places where you can keep up with Paige. She’s got a blog.

Paige: Yeah, I really love my blog. I work very hard on it, so in addition to following me, if anybody wants to actually subscribe, actually click on the pink box that says “Subscribe,” that would be swell.

Rick: That would be great. And you can download Periscope for your smartphone and follow her there. [laughs] You’ll get to know her, Patrick, and Georgie.


Paige: Little Georgie girl.

Rick: Thanks again for being my guest. It was great to talk to you. Hope you had fun.

Paige: I did.

Rick: And you people, thank you so much for watching, and thank you even more for subscribing. You can subscribe to the show for free on YouTube, and I really appreciate that.

My guests and I often have more to talk about than what ends up in the final edit, so if you want to see outtakes of this interview, make sure you go to YouTube and look up this interview. That will be our kind of secret sign or secret message with the thumbs, yes. [laughs]

Paige: Facebook like.

Rick: Facebook like. It’s actually a YouTube like.

Paige: Whatever.

Rick: It’s always the same thing.

Paige: It’s universal.


Rick: It is. That’s it. This is Rick Yaeger for One Question Interviews. Take care.

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