Why One Question?

The theme of this show is that each guest comes on and updates us on what they’ve been up to lately and, in exchange, I get to ask them one question. But why only one?

There are a few reasons:

  1. Brevity: it requires less commitment on the part of the audience and takes less time out of the celebrity’s busy schedule. I hope that makes the show more inviting to both parties. There will be episodes that are much longer than others, but hopefully none of them will seem long.
  2. Novelty: I think it’s interesting to hear celebrities’ answers to oddball icebreaker questions. The most interesting part of Inside The Actors Studio for me was when James Lipton would ask his 10 questions from Bernard Pivot. I’ve just got more questions to choose from and have decided to only ask one per celebrity.
  3. Humanity: I think it says more about their personalities than asking them for private information or confronting them with their demons.
  4. Lottery: The questions are chosen at random so I might end up with a question/celebrity match up that leads to some amazing discussion. It also means that there isn’t much that I or the celebrity can do to prepare except to be in a state of creativity and openness.

Those are the main reasons, I may add more as the show progresses and I learn more about the value of the one question model. I also invite you to suggest your own questions!